The Tour was introduced in 2007 when the steel by wheel connection relayed from Tornio Röyttä harbor through Lapland to Murmansk governor by handful of teams around Barents area. The teams consisted of Alatornion Ahjo bikers, Lapland Sports Academy athletes, Finnbarents burocrats, Vapa Oy family, e-Coach entrepreneurs and Severomorsk cycling club Pilgrims.

During years 2008 – 2013 the Tour was cycled annually with different pilots focusing on finding the right route options and cabling the air with the locals. Test drives were made in directions of Rovaniemi-Haparanda, Rovaniemi-Levi and Rovaniemi-Ylitornio before finding the way from Kuusamo via Savukoski to Ylläs.

Russians were eager to participate on Tours until Anatoly Lipin’s accidential death on 2013. After that Tour de Lapland stayed also calm until 2017 when Ukrainian cyclist Leonid Izotov ordered to resurrect the Tour again back on the street. Now also the route was stabilized from Sweden border Kolari to Russian border station Salla-Kelloselkä.

On Tour 2017 the stick had transformed from steel to plastic and also the amount of them had multiplied. Inspite the minus degrees and “heavy” snowfall on July the three Musketeers managed to deliver the pack safely to Kemijärvi Mill to be shipped around the globe.

Tour 2018 was cycled by Star Wars theme and now the reindeers had multiplied. The biggest packs were parked at Ylläs and Levi.

The Tour will be cycled next time on route from Russian border Kelloselkä via Pyhä-Luosto, Levi, Pallas and Ylläs to Sweden border Kolari Kaunisjoensuu. Also some different route choice options are available daily. You can choose whether the whole route is on asphalt or if you prefer to do it partly also on terrain. Only one bike is needed if you’ll have it as gangbang.