Tour de Lapland 2018 is Finnished! Team Dropper I arrived Kelloselkä border 3 min before the official closing time. Maybe the borders should be permanently open?


Tour de Lapland’s official social media site on Facebook has been quite inactive. No pöhinä, bara music och några träningscykel. Maybe mosquitos have already found it. It is located above Arctic Circle.


Tour de Lapland 2018 entry system Monesko has now been opened. For the entry you need to remember your name, check the gender (in your pants) and decide whether you are going to just relax as Tourist or part of a Team. If you know your bike's name you can fill that also in. When entering the Team on Arctic Relay just type in the Captain's name with contact details.

Welcome all-in!


The route of Tour de Lapland has now been cleared with different route choice options. The main, asphalt based route goes from Sweden border Kolari via Kurtakko and Ylläsjärvi to Äkäslompolo on the first day continuing via Muotkavaara, Jerisjärvi, Rauhala and Pöntsö to Levi on the second day. The terrain options include Teuravuoma Telatie Trail and Ylläs-Levi MTB-route for the two first days. Also Pallas is handed out to take for all cherrybikers.

On third day Tour encounters the roughest day when center of the Lapland is penetrated by asphalt from Kittilä via Tepsa and Jeesiö to Sodankylä and Luosto. The famous 50-year in-a-row competed Jeesiön lenkki is semi-included also on the third day for the extreme bikers to rise from the death (or beat Reima). If you can’t reach Aska or Luosto by bike consider culture options like Gallery Alariesto and Raatotaksi at the heart of Lapland Sodankylä.

On final day Tour cycles from Pyhä via Kemijärvi, Joutsijärvi and Kursu to Salla and Kelloselkä to visit the Russian border. Guards may be watching so prepare for br(e)aking before the Finnish line 🙂


The dates of the Tour 2018 are now confirmed. Tour de Lapland takes place on 16th to 19th of July 2018. Apply for summer vacation and permission from your wife/boyfriend/children/dad etc. to attend. Start looking for bicycle, build or steal one. If you don’t find anything then let Teemu hire you one!

Tour operates with Service Car so if daily distances start to exhaust just hop in! Many sight-seeings along the route wait you so prepare! Memory chips on your phone might get fully-loaded!